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Shop our gigantic selection of top-quality tarps and tarpaulin accessories - competitively priced and cost-effective for large-scale, small business, and personal needs. With 40 sizes, 7 colors, and 4 thicknesses available, we have over 200 high-quality options to choose from.

Discover the most economical and cost-effective netting and fencing solutions suitable for builders, contractors, landscapers, and construction crews. Multiple options to suit your project are available among our debris netting, safety barrier fences, and green privacy fence screens.

Your reliable choice for durability and versatility. With UV-coated polypropylene, they excel in flood protection, construction, and more. Available in varying sizes, these odorless, dustproof, and water-resistant bags are your worry-free solution for any project, providing the strength and peace of mind you need.

With our range of aircraft cables, safety ropes, and accessories such as cable clips and thimbles, you’ll find your answer to everything involving rigging, cranes, dredging, excavating, hoists & winches, logging, and marine environments.

Our poly sheeting is heavy-duty formulated for use as a vapor retarder, window film, insulator, flooring protection, countertop protection, roofing, or under a concrete slab. Find a use for a variety of home DIY projects and professional job site applications.

We carry dozens of different traffic safety products that make us a leading frontrunner indirect distribution of traffic cones, parking blocks, vehicle bumps, safety tape, and emergency triangles. Our vast inventory and rapid shipping ensure you get the job done sooner.

With our range of safety ropes and twine, you’ll find your answer to everything involving rigging, packaging, and marine environments.

While on a hazardous job site, you don’t have time to worry about the performance of your equipment and still keep disaster at bay. You need your waterproof protective gear to be rugged, reliable, and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice, without second-guessing your decision.

Depend on us for the safety supplies and PPE needed to keep workers safe on site. Creating a safe and OSHA-compliant workplace is easy with Xpose Safety – we offer a wide range of personal protective equipment including safety gloves, work gloves, and aprons.

Get cool and comfortable outdoors with this durable and visually appealing sun shade. With UV blocking technology and a 92% shade rating, the breathable woven sail provides protection from harmful sun rays while allowing breezes to pass through, keeping the area cool.

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